A Story About Life and Hope – Bella

If you haven’t seen the movie Bella, you may want to rent it on Netflix sometime. It is a beautiful tale about a waitress in New York City that is fired from her waitress job. She comes to rely on her former co-worker Jose, the chef, for support. To make matters more difficult, she is pregnant and is not sure if she will keep her child.

Jose takes her under his wing by bringing her to his family home and sharing his own difficulties.  He was a rising soccer star when he accidentally killed a little girl while driving. After 4 years in prison he could not even find the mother of the little girl. Jose’s brother Manny owns the restaurant that they work at and is also adopted. Through their experience, Jose supports her and ends up adopting her child, Bella.

They reconnect several years later and give you the sense of two people who were there to help each other in a simple way.

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